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Table 1 The hormesis activity of natural compounds in vivo in adaptive responses of mitochondria

From: Neurohormetic phytochemicals in the pathogenesis of neurodegenerative diseases

Activity Compound Source Plant Model Treatment Remarks Reference
Adaptive responses of mitochondria Berberine Coptidis rhizome, Hydrastis canadensis Rat 10 μM Berberine exerts mitohormesis activity [44]
Polyphenol Ribes nigrum Mice 200 mg/kg Polyphenol increases homeostasis and mitochondrial biogenesis [46]
Curcumin Curcuma longa Rat 15 mg/kg The low dose was effective [47]
Curcumin with hesperidin Curcuma longa Rat Curcumin (50, 100 mg/kg), hesperidin (10, 25 mg/kg) Both compounds improve mitochondrial enzymes and reduce apoptosis [48]
Resveratrol Ribes nigrum Mice 10 mg/kg Resveratrol exerts mitohormesis activity [51]