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  1. The human genome contains remnants of ancient retroviral infections called human endogenous retroviruses (HERV). Their expression is often observed in several diseases of autoimmune or inflammatory nature. How...

    Authors: Arttu Autio, Tapio Nevalainen, Binisha H. Mishra, Marja Jylhä, Heini Flinck and Mikko Hurme
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2020 17:11
  2. Despite widespread influenza vaccination programs, influenza remains a major cause of morbidity and mortality in older adults. Age-related changes in multiple aspects of the adaptive immune response to influen...

    Authors: Janet E. McElhaney, Chris P. Verschoor, Melissa K. Andrew, Laura Haynes, George A. Kuchel and Graham Pawelec
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2020 17:10
  3. Reduced response to hepatitis B vaccines is associated with aging, confounding and comorbid conditions, as well as inadvertent subcutaneous (SC) inoculation. We hypothesized that the antibody and T cell-mediat...

    Authors: Robert Edelman, Meagan E. Deming, Franklin R. Toapanta, Mark D. Heuser, Lisa Chrisley, Robin S. Barnes, Steven S. Wasserman, William C. Blackwelder, Barry S. Handwerger, Marcela Pasetti, Khan M. Siddiqui and Marcelo B. Sztein
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2020 17:9
  4. Obesity is a risk factor for several aging-related diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. Especially, cardiovascular disease is triggered by obesity by inducing vascular senescen...

    Authors: Lutz Hamann, Malgorzata Szwed, Malgorzata Mossakowska, Jerzy Chudek and Monika Puzianowska-Kuznicka
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2020 17:7
  5. “Inflammaging” is a coined term that combines the processes of inflammation (within the normal range) and aging, since chronic, low-grade, systemic inflammation emerges with increasing age. Unlike high-level i...

    Authors: Jessica Fischer, Didier Hans, Olivier Lamy, Pedro Marques-Vidal, Peter Vollenweider and Bérengère Aubry-Rozier
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2020 17:5
  6. End-stage renal disease is associated with premature ageing of the T cell immune system but inter-individual variation is substantial. The hypothesis was tested that advanced immunological T cell ageing assess...

    Authors: Michiel G. H. Betjes, Anton W. Langerak, Mariska Klepper and Nicolle H. R. Litjens
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2020 17:4
  7. The number of aging cancer patients has increased continuously and will do so further in the future. The immune system of elderly people experiences critical changes over the time. Therefore, tumor-induced cha...

    Authors: S. S. Jeske, P. J. Schuler, J. Doescher, M. N. Theodoraki, S. Laban, C. Brunner, T. K. Hoffmann and M. C. Wigand
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2020 17:3
  8. Cytokines are signaling molecules operating within complex cascade patterns and having exceptional modulatory functions. They impact various physiological processes such as neuroendocrine and metabolic interac...

    Authors: Svetlana Di Benedetto, Ludmila Müller, Stefanie Rauskolb, Michael Sendtner, Timo Deutschbein, Graham Pawelec and Viktor Müller
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2019 16:31
  9. Inflammatory markers, such as high sensitivity C-reactive protein (hs-CRP), and cognitive impairment (CI) are associated with mortality; CRP is related to the deterioration of CI. However, it is still unknown ...

    Authors: Chen Chen, Yingchun Liu, Zhaojin Cao, Zhaoxue Yin, Feng Zhao, Yuebin Lv, Zuyun Liu, Chen Mao, Shixun Song, Ling Liu, Yingli Qu, Saisai Ji, Jun Duan, Jiaonan Wang, Virginia Byers Kraus, Yi Zeng…
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2019 16:30
  10. Accumulation of senescent cells has been associated with pro-inflammatory effects with deleterious consequences in different human diseases. The purpose of this study was to analyze cell senescence in human sy...

    Authors: Manuel J. Del Rey, Álvaro Valín, Alicia Usategui, Sandra Ergueta, Eduardo Martín, Cristina Municio, Juan D. Cañete, Francisco J. Blanco, Gabriel Criado and José L. Pablos
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2019 16:29
  11. The association of high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hsCRP) with mortality is controversial. We aimed to investigate the associations of hsCRP concentrations with the risks of all-cause and cause-specific m...

    Authors: Zhi-Hao Li, Wen-Fang Zhong, Yue-Bin Lv, Virginia Byers Kraus, Xiang Gao, Pei-Liang Chen, Qing-Mei Huang, Jin-Dong Ni, Xiao-Ming Shi, Chen Mao and Xian-Bo Wu
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2019 16:28
  12. Administered intramuscularly (IM), plant-derived, virus-like-particle (VLP) vaccines based on the influenza hemagglutinin (HA) protein elicit both humoral and cellular responses that can protect aged mice from...

    Authors: Breanna Hodgins, Stephane Pillet, Nathalie Landry and Brian J. Ward
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2019 16:27
  13. While immunosenescence, defined as reduced production of new lymphocytes, restriction of T-cell receptor repertoire and telomeres shortening, has been extensively evaluated in HIV-infected children and adults,...

    Authors: S. Paghera, E. Quiros-Roldan, A. Sottini, M. Properzi, F. Castelli and L. Imberti
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2019 16:26
  14. The age-related dysregulation and decline of the immune system—collectively termed “immunosenescence”—has been generally associated with an increased susceptibility to infectious pathogens and poor vaccine res...

    Authors: Stephen N. Crooke, Inna G. Ovsyannikova, Gregory A. Poland and Richard B. Kennedy
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2019 16:25
  15. T cells are fundamental effector cells against viruses and cancers that can be divided into different subsets based on their long-term immune protection and immediate immune response effects. The percentage an...

    Authors: Mingde Li, Danlin Yao, Xiangbo Zeng, Dimitri Kasakovski, Yikai Zhang, Shaohua Chen, Xianfeng Zha, Yangqiu Li and Ling Xu
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2019 16:24
  16. Influenza virus infection causes significant morbidity and mortality worldwide. Humans fail to make a universally protective memory response to influenza A because of high mutation rates in the immune-dominant...

    Authors: Lynn Bimler, Amber Y. Song, Duy T. Le, Ashleigh Murphy Schafer and Silke Paust
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2019 16:23
  17. Aging is known to induce immunosenescence, resulting in alterations in both the innate and adaptive immune system. Here we evaluated the effects of aging on B cell subsets in peripheral blood of 155 immunologi...

    Authors: Alice F. Muggen, Madelon de Jong, Ingrid L. M. Wolvers-Tettero, Martine J. Kallemeijn, Cristina Teodósio, Nikos Darzentas, Ralph Stadhouders, Hanna IJspeert, Mirjam van der Burg, Wilfred FJ van IJcken, Jan A. N. Verhaar, Wayel H. Abdulahad, Elisabeth Brouwer, Annemieke M. H. Boots, Rudi W. Hendriks, Jacques J. M. van Dongen…
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2019 16:22
  18. Antigen-experienced immune cells migrate back to the bone marrow (BM), where they are maintained in BM survival niches for an extended period. The composition of T cell subpopulations in the BM changes with ag...

    Authors: Erin Naismith, Luca Pangrazzi, Marco Grasse, Michael Keller, Carina Miggitsch, Birgit Weinberger, Klemens Trieb and Beatrix Grubeck-Loebenstein
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2019 16:21
  19. Peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) are implicated in the pathogenesis of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). We here mapped the global gene transcriptome of PBMCs from patients with different clini...

    Authors: Yousif Subhi, Marie Krogh Nielsen, Christopher Rue Molbech, Charlotte Liisborg, Helle Bach Søndergaard, Finn Sellebjerg and Torben Lykke Sørensen
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2019 16:20
  20. Immunosenescence, i.e. the aging-associated decline of the capacity of the immune system, is characterized by several distinct changes in the number and functions of the immune cells. In the case of B cells, t...

    Authors: Tapio Nevalainen, Arttu Autio, Laura Kummola, Tanja Salomaa, Ilkka Junttila, Marja Jylhä and Mikko Hurme
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2019 16:19
  21. Systemic infection is associated with long-term cognitive deficits and functional decline. In this study we hypothesized that severe systemic inflammation leads to a neuroinflammatory response that is characte...

    Authors: D. Westhoff, J. Y. Engelen-Lee, I. C. M. Hoogland, E. M. A. Aronica, D. J. van Westerloo, D. van de Beek and W. A. van Gool
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2019 16:18
  22. Ageing is associated with a decline in immune function termed immunosenescence. This process is characterized amongst others by less naive T-cells and more senescent phenotypes, which have been implicated in t...

    Authors: Hung Cao Dinh, Ivan Bautmans, Ingo Beyer, Oscar Okwudiri Onyema, Keliane Liberman, Liza De Dobbeleer, Wim Renmans, Sam Vander Meeren, Kristin Jochmans, Andreas Delaere, Veerle Knoop and Rose Njemini
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2019 16:17
  23. Age is a significant risk factor for recurrent urinary tract (rUTI) infections, but the clinical picture is often confused in older patients who also present with asymptomatic bacteriuria (ASB). Yet, how bacte...

    Authors: Lauren K. L. Drage, Wendy Robson, Catherine Mowbray, Ased Ali, John D. Perry, Katherine E. Walton, Christopher Harding, Robert Pickard, Judith Hall and Phillip D. Aldridge
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2019 16:16
  24. Cytokines, chemokines, C-reactive proteins (CRP) and ferritin are known inflammatory markers. However, cytokines such as interleukin (IL-1β), (IL-6) and tumour necrosis factor (TNF-α) have been reported to int...

    Authors: Bolaji Lilian Ilesanmi-Oyelere, Linda Schollum, Barbara Kuhn-Sherlock, Michelle McConnell, Sonya Mros, Jane Coad, Nicole C. Roy and Marlena Cathorina Kruger
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2019 16:15
  25. Seasonal influenza virus infection is a significant cause of morbimortality in the elderly. However, there is poor vaccine efficacy in this population due to immunosenescence. We aimed to explore several homeo...

    Authors: I. Herrero-Fernández, I. Rosado-Sánchez, A. I. Álvarez-Ríos, M. I. Galvá, M. De Luna-Romero, S. Sanbonmatsu-Gámez, M. Pérez-Ruiz, J. M. Navarro-Marí, A. Carrillo-Vico, B. Sánchez, R. Ramos, J. Cañizares, M. Leal and Y. M. Pacheco
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2019 16:14
  26. T cells play a key role in controlling viral infections; however, the underlying mechanisms regulating their functions during human viral infections remain incompletely understood. Here, we used CD4 T cells de...

    Authors: Yingjie Ji, Xindi Dang, Lam Ngoc Thao Nguyen, Lam Nhat Nguyen, Juan Zhao, Dechao Cao, Sushant Khanal, Madison Schank, Xiao Y. Wu, Zheng D. Morrison, Yue Zou, Mohamed El Gazzar, Shunbin Ning, Ling Wang, Jonathan P. Moorman and Zhi Q. Yao
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2019 16:12
  27. There is a growing interest in the role of inflammageing for chronic disease development. Cytokines are potent soluble immune mediators that can be used as target biomarkers of inflammageing; however, their me...

    Authors: Liselot Koelman, Olga Pivovarova-Ramich, Andreas F. H. Pfeiffer, Tilman Grune and Krasimira Aleksandrova
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2019 16:11
  28. Exosomes are lipid-bilayer enclosed nano-sized vesicles that transfer functional cellular proteins, mRNA and miRNAs. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) derived exosomes have been demonstrated to prevent memory defi...

    Authors: Guo-hong Cui, Hai-dong Guo, Han Li, Yu Zhai, Zhang-bin Gong, Jing Wu, Jian-sheng Liu, You-rong Dong, Shuang-xing Hou and Jian-ren Liu
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2019 16:10
  29. Older age at organ transplantation is associated with increased risk of infection and malignancy but reduced risk of cellular rejection. De novo donor-specific anti-HLA antibodies (dnDSA), are key biomarkers asso...

    Authors: Seraina von Moos, Gesa Schalk, Thomas F. Mueller and Guido Laube
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2019 16:9
  30. Ageing has a profound detrimental impact on almost all living organisms. Immune systems play a particularly important role in protection against external challenges (pathogens) and internal insults (cancer) bu...

    Authors: Nan-ping Weng and Graham Pawelec
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2019 16:8
  31. In the brain, Oxidative Stress (OS) contribute to structural and functional changes associated with vascular aging, such as endothelial dysfunction, extracellular matrix degradation, resulting in age-related r...

    Authors: Luca Massaccesi, Emanuela Galliera, Daniela Galimberti, Chiara Fenoglio, Marina Arcaro, Giancarlo Goi, Alessandra Barassi and Massimiliano Marco Corsi Romanelli
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2019 16:7
  32. The use of Akkermansia muciniphila as potential therapeutic intervention is receiving increasing attention. Health benefits attributed to this bacterium include an improvement of metabolic disorders and exerting ...

    Authors: Benthe van der Lugt, Adriaan A. van Beek, Steven Aalvink, Ben Meijer, Bruno Sovran, Wilbert P. Vermeij, Renata M. C. Brandt, Willem M. de Vos, Huub F. J. Savelkoul, Wilma T. Steegenga and Clara Belzer
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2019 16:6
  33. Innate immunity utilizes components of sensory signal transduction such as bitter and sweet taste receptors. In fact, empirical evidence has shown bitter and sweet taste receptors to be an integral component o...

    Authors: Alberto Malovini, Giulia Accardi, Anna Aiello, Riccardo Bellazzi, Giuseppina Candore, Calogero Caruso, Mattia Emanuela Ligotti, Anna Maciag, Francesco Villa and Annibale A. Puca
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2019 16:5
  34. Pentraxin 3 (PTX3), an acute-phase inflammation protein produced by several cell types, has long been described as a possible biomarker for age-related cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Although sev...

    Authors: Albino Carrizzo, Claudio Procaccini, Paola Lenzi, Clorinda Fusco, Francesco Villa, Serena Migliarino, Massimiliano De Lucia, Francesco Fornai, Giuseppe Matarese, Annibale A. Puca and Carmine Vecchione
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2019 16:4
  35. Apolipoprotein E4 (APOE4) and ageing are the most important known risk factors for late-onset Alzheimer’s disease (AD). In the present study, we determined the alterations of IgG, CD19, and Aβ in various brain...

    Authors: Lihang Zhang, Juan Xu, Jinchao Gao, Peiqing Chen, Ming Yin and Wenjuan Zhao
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2019 16:2
  36. The plasma level of the inflammatory biomarker soluble urokinase plasminogen activator receptor (suPAR) is a strong predictor of disease development and premature mortality in the general population. Unhealthy...

    Authors: Thomas Huneck Haupt, Line Jee Hartmann Rasmussen, Thomas Kallemose, Steen Ladelund, Ove Andersen, Charlotta Pisinger and Jesper Eugen-Olsen
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2019 16:1
  37. This study aimed to construct a biological age assessment formula for the Chinese population and to explore the effectiveness of double filtration plasmapheresis for anti-ageing and longevity.

    Authors: Xufeng Li, Jiren Zhang, Chen Sun, Yuanyuan Zhang, Rui Cai, Shilin Fu, Jingfen Zheng and Dehai Huang
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2018 15:33
  38. The influence of age on basophils is poorly understood, as well as the effect of aging-associated microbiota on basophils. Therefore, we studied the influence of aging and aging-associated microbiota on basoph...

    Authors: Adriaan A. van Beek, Floris Fransen, Ben Meijer, Paul de Vos, Edward F. Knol and Huub F. J. Savelkoul
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2018 15:32
  39. NK cells are cytotoxic lymphocytes of innate immunity composed of: cytotoxic CD56dim and immunoregulatory CD56bright cells. The study aimed to analyze the expression of cellular protective proteins: sirtuin 1 ...

    Authors: Lucyna Kaszubowska, Jerzy Foerster, Daria Schetz and Zbigniew Kmieć
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2018 15:31
  40. Some components of Nutraceuticals (NUT) such as red yeast rice and Morus alba have demonstrated positive effects on the endothelial function in hypercholesterolemic subjects. Our aim was to compare the effects of...

    Authors: Roberta Esposito, Regina Sorrentino, Giuseppe Giugliano, Marisa Avvedimento, Roberta Paolillo, Ciro Santoro, Maria Scalamogna, Mafalda Esposito, Federica Ilardi, Francesco Rozza, Giovanni Esposito, Maurizio Galderisi and Valentina Trimarco
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2018 15:30
  41. Previous reports showed that oral administration of Leuconostoc mesenteroides strain NTM048 increases IgA levels and CD4+ T cell population in feces and mice, respectively, as revealed by flow cytometric analysis...

    Authors: Reiko Kuroda, Hiroaki Higuchi, Keishirou Yoshida, Yasunori Yonejima, Keiko Hisa, Masanori Utsuyama, Kenji Osawa and Katsuiku Hirokawa
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2018 15:29
  42. Improving influenza vaccine efficacy is a priority to reduce the burden of influenza-associated morbidity and mortality. By careful selection of individuals based on health we show sustained response to influe...

    Authors: Xavier Camous, Lucian Visan, Crystal Tan Tze Ying, Brian Abel, Ma Shwe Zin Nyunt, Vipin Narang, Michael Poidinger, Christophe Carre, Sanie Sesay, Nabil Bosco, Nicolas Burdin, Paul Anantharajah Tambyah, Ng Tze Pin and Anis Larbi
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2018 15:28
  43. Patients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) exhibit a premature aging phenotype of the immune system. Nevertheless, the etiology and impact of these changes in ESRD patients remain unknown.

    Authors: Yen-Ling Chiu, Kai-Hsiang Shu, Feng-Jung Yang, Tzu-Ying Chou, Ping-Min Chen, Fang-Yun Lay, Szu-Yu Pan, Cheng-Jui Lin, Nicolle H R Litjens, Michiel G H Betjes, Selma Bermudez, Kung-Chi Kao, Jean-San Chia, George Wang, Yu-Sen Peng and Yi-Fang Chuang
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2018 15:27

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