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  1. The concept of Vascular Dementia (VaD) has been recognized for over a century, but its definition and diagnostic criteria remain unclear.

    Authors: Francesco Iemolo, Giovanni Duro, Claudia Rizzo, Laura Castiglia, Vladimir Hachinski and Calogero Caruso
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2009 6:13
  2. A Symposium regarding the Pathophysiology of Successful and Unsuccessful Ageing was held in Palermo, Italy on 7-8 April 2009. Three lectures from that Symposium by G. Campisi, L. Ginaldi and F. Licastro are here ...

    Authors: Giuseppina Campisi, Martina Chiappelli, Massimo De Martinis, Vito Franco, Lia Ginaldi, Rosario Guiglia, Federico Licastro and Domenico Lio
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2009 6:12
  3. Ageing is associated with changes in the immune system with substantial alterations in T-lymphocyte subsets. Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is one of the factors that affect functionality of T cells and the differentia...

    Authors: María Luisa Pita-Lopez, Inmaculada Gayoso, Olga DelaRosa, Javier G Casado, Corona Alonso, Elisa Muñoz-Gomariz, Raquel Tarazona and Rafael Solana
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2009 6:11
  4. On April 7,8, 2009 a Symposium entitled "Pathophysiology of Successful and Unsuccessful Ageing" took place in Palermo, Italy. Here, the lectures of G. Pawelec, D. Dunn-Walters and. G. Colonna-Romano on T and B...

    Authors: Calogero Caruso, Silvio Buffa, Giuseppina Candore, Giuseppina Colonna-Romano, Deborah Dunn-Walters, David Kipling and Graham Pawelec
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2009 6:10
  5. The trace element zinc is essential for the immune system, and zinc deficiency affects multiple aspects of innate and adaptive immunity. There are remarkable parallels in the immunological changes during aging...

    Authors: Hajo Haase and Lothar Rink
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2009 6:9
  6. Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) most often begins in females in the fourth-fifth decade of their life, suggesting that the aging of the immune system (immunosenescence) has a major role in this disease. Therefore, i...

    Authors: Oktavia Tarjanyi, Ferenc Boldizsar, Peter Nemeth, Katalin Mikecz and Tibor T Glant
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2009 6:8
  7. The innate immune system plays an important role in the recognition and induction of protective responses against infectious pathogens, whilst there is increasing evidence for a role in mediating chronic infla...

    Authors: Linda May, Anita HJ van den Biggelaar, David van Bodegom, Hans J Meij, Anton JM de Craen, Joseph Amankwa, Marijke Frölich, Maris Kuningas and Rudi GJ Westendorp
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2009 6:7
  8. A method is described that allows an accurate mapping of 3' ends of RNAs. In this method a labeled DNA probe, containing the presumed 3' end of the RNA under analysis is allowed to anneals to the RNA itself. M...

    Authors: Daniele Bellavia, Giorgia Sisino, Giorgio L Papadopoulos, Giusi I Forte and Rainer Barbieri
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2009 6:6
  9. Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome (HGPS) is a rare premature aging disorder that belongs to a group of conditions called laminopathies which affect nuclear lamins. Mutations in two genes, LMNA and ZMPSTE24,...

    Authors: Henrique Douglas M Coutinho, Vivyanne S Falcão-Silva, Gregório Fernandes Gonçalves and Raphael Batista da Nóbrega
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2009 6:4
  10. Ageing leads to a decline in the function of the immune system, increasing the body's susceptibility to infections through the impairment of T-cells, macrophages, neutrophils and dendritic cells Denture stomat...

    Authors: Thaís Helena Gasparoto, Narciso Almeida Vieira, Vinicius Carvalho Porto, Ana Paula Campanelli and Vanessa Soares Lara
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2009 6:3
  11. Immunosenescence is an age-associated disorder occurring primarily in T cell compartments, including altered subset composition, functions, and activation. In women, evidence implicates diminished estrogen in ...

    Authors: Lowell T Ku, Cicek Gercel-Taylor, Steven T Nakajima and Douglas D Taylor
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2009 6:1
  12. Ageing is associated with dysfunction in the humoral response leading to decreased protection against infectious diseases. Defects in T cell function due to age have been well characterized but it is unclear i...

    Authors: Anthony Blaeser, Kiley McGlauchlen and Laura A Vogel
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2008 5:15
  13. Old age is associated with characteristic changes of the immune system contributing to higher incidence and severity of many infectious diseases. Particularly within the T cell compartment latent infection wit...

    Authors: Angelika Schwanninger, Birgit Weinberger, Daniela Weiskopf, Dietmar Herndler-Brandstetter, Stephan Reitinger, Christoph Gassner, Harald Schennach, Walther Parson, Reinhard Würzner and Beatrix Grubeck-Loebenstein
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2008 5:14
  14. Reactive oxygen species (ROS), including free radicals, oxygen ions, and peroxides, are implicated in cell damage. The objective of this study was to investigate whether the spontaneous production of ROS from ...

    Authors: Kishiko Ogawa, Katsuhiko Suzuki, Mitsuharu Okutsu, Kyoko Yamazaki and Shoji Shinkai
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2008 5:13
  15. On March 19, 2008 a Symposium on Pathophysiology of Ageing and Age-Related Diseases was held in Palermo, Italy. The lecture of D. Mari on Hemostasis and ageing is summarized herein. Physiological ageing is ass...

    Authors: Daniela Mari, Giulia Ogliari, Davide Castaldi, Giovanni Vitale, Elisa Mariadele Bollini and Domenico Lio
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2008 5:12
  16. Compromised immunity contributes to the decreased ability of the elderly to control infectious disease and to their generally poor response to vaccination. It is controversial as to how far this phenomenon con...

    Authors: Evelyna Derhovanessian, Rafael Solana, Anis Larbi and Graham Pawelec
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2008 5:11
  17. On March 19, 2008 a Symposium on Pathophysiology of Ageing and Age-Related diseases was held in Palermo, Italy. Here, the lecture of V. Nicita-Mauro on Smoking, health and ageing is summarized. Smoking represe...

    Authors: Vittorio Nicita-Mauro, Giorgio Basile, Giuseppe Maltese, Claudio Nicita-Mauro, Sebastiano Gangemi and Calogero Caruso
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2008 5:10
  18. During the past century, humans have gained more years of average life expectancy than in the last 10,000 years; we are now living in a rapidly ageing world. The sharp rise in life expectancy, coupled to a ste...

    Authors: Matteo Bulati, Mariavaleria Pellicanò, Sonya Vasto and Giuseppina Colonna-Romano
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2008 5:9
  19. On March 19, 2008 a Symposium on Pathophysiology of Ageing and Age-Related diseases was held in Palermo, Italy. Here, the lectures of M. Racchi on History and future perspectives of Alzheimer Biomarkers and of...

    Authors: Marco Racchi, Daniela Uberti, Stefano Govoni, Maurizio Memo, Cristina Lanni, Sonya Vasto, Giuseppina Candore, Calogero Caruso, Loriana Romeo and Giovanni Scapagnini
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2008 5:7
  20. T cell-mediated immunity in elderly people is compromised in ways reflected in the composition of the peripheral T cell pool. The advent of polychromatic flow cytometry has made analysis of cell subsets feasib...

    Authors: Sven Koch, Anis Larbi, Evelyna Derhovanessian, Dennis Özcelik, Elissaveta Naumova and Graham Pawelec
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2008 5:6
  21. Chronic inflammation is a well-known corollary of the aging process and is believed to significantly contribute to morbidity and mortality of many age-associated chronic diseases. However, the mechanisms that ...

    Authors: Andres Kriete, Kelli L Mayo, Nirupama Yalamanchili, William Beggs, Patrick Bender, Csaba Kari and Ulrich Rodeck
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2008 5:5
  22. Nitric oxide (NO) synthesized by endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS) plays an important role in regulation of endothelial function and in the control of blood pressure. However, the results from some stud...

    Authors: Daniela Colomba, Giovanni Duro, Salvatore Corrao, Christiano Argano, Tiziana Di Chiara, Domenico Nuzzo, Federica Pizzo, Gaspare Parrinello, Rosario Scaglione and Giuseppe Licata
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2008 5:4
  23. The safety and immunogenicity of an MF59™-adjuvanted subunit influenza vaccine (Sub/MF59™; FLUAD®, Novartis Vaccines) was evaluated among elderly Chinese subjects (≥ 60 years of age). After a preliminary Phase I,...

    Authors: Rongcheng Li, Hanhua Fang, Yanping Li, Youping Liu, Michele Pellegrini and Audino Podda
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2008 5:2
  24. The increased susceptibility of the elderly to infection presents a major challenge to public health services. An aging immune system is well documented as the cause of increased infection rates in elderly peo...

    Authors: Richard Aspinall, Giuseppe Del Giudice, Rita B Effros, Beatrix Grubeck-Loebenstein and Suryaprakash Sambhara
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2007 4:9
  25. The mechanism explaining the increased disease susceptibility in aging is not well understood. CD8+ T cells are crucial in anti-viral and anti-tumor responses. Although the chemokine system plays a critical ro...

    Authors: Raymond Yung, RuRan Mo, Annabelle Grolleau-Julius and Mark Hoeltzel
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2007 4:8
  26. The capacity of the remodelling immune responses during stress (named immune plasticity) is fundamental to reach successful ageing. We herein report two pivotal experimental models in order to demonstrate the ...

    Authors: Eugenio Mocchegiani, Robertina Giacconi, Elisa Muti, Catia Cipriano, Laura Costarelli, Silvia Tesei, Nazzarena Gasparini and Marco Malavolta
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2007 4:7
  27. The importance of Zn for optimal functioning of the immune system and antioxidant stress response is well documented. Zn homeostasis influences development and function of immune cells, activity of stress-rela...

    Authors: Eugenio Mocchegiani
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2007 4:5
  28. On April 18, 2007 an international meeting on Pathophysiology of Ageing, Longevity and Age-Related Diseases was held in Palermo, Italy. Several interesting topics on Cancer, Immunosenescence, Age-related infla...

    Authors: Alexander Bürkle, Graziella Caselli, Claudio Franceschi, Erminia Mariani, Paolo Sansoni, Angela Santoni, Giancarlo Vecchio, Jacek M Witkowski and Calogero Caruso
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2007 4:4
  29. Viral and bacterial infections have been considered as a risk factor for Coronary Heart Disease (CHD). NK cells, as a first line of defense against those infections, may play a role in CHD development. Thus, t...

    Authors: Łukasz Hak, Jolanta Myśliwska, Joanna Więckiewicz, Krzysztof Szyndler, Piotr Trzonkowski, Janusz Siebert and Andrzej Myśliwski
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2007 4:3
  30. Ageing is associated with declines in many physiological parameters, including multiple immune system functions. The rate of acceleration of the frequency of death due to cardiovascular disease or cancer seems...

    Authors: Sonya Vasto, Giuseppina Colonna-Romano, Anis Larbi, Anders Wikby, Calogero Caruso and Graham Pawelec
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2007 4:2
  31. We describe the inflammation pathway from Cholesterol to Aging. Interleukin 6 mediated inflammation is implicated in age-related disorders including Atherosclerosis, Peripheral Vascular Disease, Coronary Arter...

    Authors: Sota Omoigui
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2007 4:1
  32. Cellular immunity plays a crucial role in cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection and substantial populations of CMV-specific T cells accumulate throughout life. However, although CMV infection occurs during childhood...

    Authors: Haruki Komatsu, Ayano Inui, Tsuyoshi Sogo, Tomoo Fujisawa, Hironori Nagasaka, Shigeaki Nonoyama, Sophie Sierro, John Northfield, Michaela Lucas, Anita Vargas and Paul Klenerman
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2006 3:11
  33. a decline in immune and endocrine function occurs with aging. The main purpose of this study was to investigate the impact of long-term endurance training on the immune and endocrine system of elderly men. The...

    Authors: Milton Hideaki Arai, Alberto JS Duarte and Valéria Maria Natale
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2006 3:9
  34. Poly(ADP-ribosyl)ation is a posttranslational modification of nuclear proteins catalysed by poly(ADP-ribose) polymerases (PARPs), using NAD+ as a substrate. Activation of PARP-1 is in immediate response to DNA da...

    Authors: Andrea Kunzmann, Dan Liu, Kathryn Annett, Muriel Malaisé, Bastian Thaa, Paul Hyland, Yvonne Barnett and Alexander Bürkle
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2006 3:8
  35. An inexpensive Plexiglas apparatus which allows a simple and rapid preparation of horizontal polyacrylamide gels of different dimensions for different purposes, is described. Preparation of such gels is as eas...

    Authors: Vincenzo Izzo, Maria A Costa, Renata Di Fiore, Giovanni Duro, Daniele Bellavia, Eleonora Cascone, Paolo Colombo, Maria C Gioviale and Rainer Barbieri
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2006 3:7
  36. The relevance of zinc for proper functioning of the entire immune system is already well documented. However, the identification of individuals who really need zinc supplementation is still debated in view of ...

    Authors: Eugenio Mocchegiani, Marco Malavolta, Fiorella Marcellini and Graham Pawelec
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2006 3:6
  37. Aging is associated with a paradox of immunodeficiency and inflammation (an evidence of hyperactive immune system). Apoptosis is associated with cellular depletion and suppression of inflammatory response. In ...

    Authors: Sudhir Gupta, Anshu Agrawal, Sudhanshu Agrawal, Houfen Su and Sastry Gollapudi
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2006 3:5
  38. The functional changes associated with endothelial senescence may be involved in human aging and age-related vascular disorders. Since the inflammatory cytokine interleukin (IL-)1 inhibits endothelial growth, ...

    Authors: Massimo Mariotti, Sara Castiglioni, Daniela Bernardini and Jeanette AM Maier
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2006 3:4
  39. The number of old and oldest old patients undergoing surgery of varying severity is increasing. Ageing is a process that changes the performances of most physiological systems and increases susceptibility to d...

    Authors: Gaetano Di Vita, Carmela Rita Balistreri, Francesco Arcoleo, Salvatore Buscemi, Enrico Cillari, Marcello Donati, Maria Garofalo, Florinda Listì, Maria Paola Grimaldi, Rosalia Patti and Giuseppina Candore
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2006 3:3
  40. Longitudinal studies are defining progressive alterations to the immune system associated with increased mortality in the very elderly. Many of these changes are exacerbated by or even caused by chronic T cell...

    Authors: Sonya Vasto, Marco Malavolta and Graham Pawelec
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2006 3:2

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