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  1. Age-related changes in adaptive and innate immune cells have been associated with a decline in effective immunity and chronic, low-grade inflammation. Epigenetic, transcriptional, and functional changes in mon...

    Authors: Katherine R. Dobbs, Paula Embury, Emmily Koech, Sidney Ogolla, Stephen Munga, James W. Kazura and Arlene E. Dent
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2021 18:11
  2. Psoriasis vulgaris is a skin autoimmune disease. Psoriatic patients have significantly lowered life expectancy and suffer from various comorbidities. The main goal of the study was to determine whether psoriat...

    Authors: Pavel Borsky, Marcela Chmelarova, Zdenek Fiala, Kvetoslava Hamakova, Vladimir Palicka, Jan Krejsek, Ctirad Andrys, Jan Kremlacek, Vit Rehacek, Martin Beranek, Andrea Malkova, Tereza Svadlakova, Drahomira Holmannova and Lenka Borska
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2021 18:10
  3. Aging is associated with increased intrinsic B cell inflammation, decreased protective antibody responses and increased autoimmune antibody responses. The effects of aging on the metabolic phenotype of B cells...

    Authors: Daniela Frasca, Maria Romero, Denisse Garcia, Alain Diaz and Bonnie B. Blomberg
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2021 18:9
  4. The resident immune population of pancreatic islets has roles in islet development, beta cell physiology, and the pathology of diabetes. These roles have largely been attributed to islet macrophages, comprisin...

    Authors: Heather C. Denroche, Stéphanie Miard, Sandrine Sallé-Lefort, Frédéric Picard and C. Bruce Verchere
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2021 18:8
  5. The etiology of the low-level chronic inflammatory state associated with aging is likely multifactorial, but a number of animal and human studies have implicated a functional decline of the gastrointestinal im...

    Authors: Stephanie M. Dillon, Tezha A. Thompson, Allison J. Christians, Martin D. McCarter and Cara C. Wilson
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2021 18:6
  6. Broadly, much of variance in immune system phenotype has been linked to the influence of non-heritable factors rather than genetics. In particular, two non-heritable factors: aging and human cytolomegavirus (C...

    Authors: Zheng Yan, Holden T. Maecker, Petter Brodin, Unni C. Nygaard, Shu Chen Lyu, Mark M. Davis, Kari C. Nadeau and Sandra Andorf
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2021 18:5
  7. Physiological homeostasis decline, immunosenescence, and increased risk for multiple diseases, including neurodegeneration, are all hallmarks of ageing. Importantly, it is known that the ageing process is sex-...

    Authors: Kelly B. Menees, Rachael H. Earls, Jaegwon Chung, Janna Jernigan, Nikolay M. Filipov, Jessica M. Carpenter and Jae-Kyung Lee
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2021 18:3
  8. The disease (COVID-19) novel coronavirus pandemic has so far infected millions resulting in the death of over a million people as of Oct 2020. More than 90% of those infected with COVID-19 show mild or no symp...

    Authors: Sameer Mohammad, Rafia Aziz, Saeed Al Mahri, Shuja Shafi Malik, Esraa Haji, Altaf Husain Khan, Tanvir Saleem Khatlani and Abderrezak Bouchama
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2021 18:1
  9. Obesity is associated with chronic low-grade inflammation leading to metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, but a subset of obese individuals is considered insulin sensitive (IS). The underlying pathophysiolog...

    Authors: Julia Sbierski-Kind, David Goldeck, Nikolaus Buchmann, Joachim Spranger, Hans-Dieter Volk, Elisabeth Steinhagen-Thiessen, Graham Pawelec, Ilja Demuth and Dominik Spira
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2020 17:40
  10. An amendment to this paper has been published and can be accessed via the original article.

    Authors: Sara Magri, Elena Masetto, Samantha Solito, Samuela Francescato, Elisa Belluzzi, Assunta Pozzuoli, Antonio Berizzi, Pietro Ruggieri and Susanna Mandruzzato
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2020 17:39

    The original article was published in Immunity & Ageing 2020 17:27

  11. Autoimmune hemolytic anemia (AIHA) is an acquired, heterogeneous group of diseases which includes warm AIHA, cold agglutinin disease (CAD), mixed AIHA, paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria and atypical AIHA. Current...

    Authors: Sylwia Sulimiera Michalak, Anna Olewicz-Gawlik, Joanna Rupa-Matysek, Edyta Wolny-Rokicka, Elżbieta Nowakowska and Lidia Gil
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2020 17:38
  12. Prior studies in humans have suggested that telomere shortening may be accelerated by infection, but research on multiple pathogens and use of large population-based study samples has been limited. We estimate...

    Authors: Grace A. Noppert, Lydia Feinstein, Jennifer B. Dowd, Rebecca C. Stebbins, Emma Zang, Belinda L. Needham, Helen C. S. Meier, Amanda Simanek and Allison E. Aiello
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2020 17:36
  13. Previously, we and others have reported higher populations of circulating neutrophils in patients with neovascular age-related macular degeneration (nAMD). Neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin (NGAL, als...

    Authors: Mei Chen, Nan Yang, Judith Lechner, Levente Toth, Ruth Hogg, Giuliana Silvestri, Usha Chakravarthy and Heping Xu
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2020 17:35
  14. Since the COVID-19 outbreak an unprecedented challenge for healthcare systems around the world has been placed. In Cuba, the first case of COVID-19 was reported on March 11. Elderly with multiple comorbidities...

    Authors: Danay Saavedra, Ana Laura Añé-Kourí, Naivy Sánchez, Lázaro Manuel Filgueira, Julio Betancourt, Carlos Herrera, Leniel Manso, Elibet Chávez, Armando Caballero, Carlos Hidalgo, Geydi Lorenzo, Meylan Cepeda, Carmen Valenzuela, Mayra Ramos, Kalet León, Zaima Mazorra…
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2020 17:34
  15. Infection with SARs-COV-2 displays increasing fatality with age and underlying co-morbidity, in particular, with markers of the metabolic syndrome and diabetes, which seems to be associated with a “cytokine st...

    Authors: Alistair V. W. Nunn, Geoffrey W. Guy, Wolfgang Brysch, Stanley W. Botchway, Wayne Frasch, Edward J. Calabrese and Jimmy D. Bell
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2020 17:33
  16. Immune checkpoints are crucial molecules in maintaining a proper immune balance. Even though age and sex are known to have effects on the immune system, the interplay between age, sex and immune checkpoint exp...

    Authors: Rosanne D. Reitsema, Rebeca Hid Cadena, Sander H. Nijhof, Wayel H. Abdulahad, Minke G. Huitema, Davy Paap, Elisabeth Brouwer, Annemieke M. H. Boots and Peter Heeringa
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2020 17:32
  17. Type 2 diabetes is an important challenge given the worldwide epidemic and is the most important cause of end-stage renal disease (ESRD) in developed countries. It is known that patients with ESRD and advanced...

    Authors: Yen-Ling Chiu, Wan-Chuan Tsai, Ruo-Wei Hung, I-Yu Chen, Kai-Hsiang Shu, Szu-Yu Pan, Feng-Jung Yang, Te-Tien Ting, Ju-Ying Jiang, Yu-Sen Peng and Yi-Fang Chuang
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2020 17:31
  18. With the ageing of the world population, osteoporosis has become a problem affecting quality of life. According to the traditional view, the causes of osteoporosis mainly include endocrine disorders, metabolic...

    Authors: Lei Zhu, Fei Hua, Wenge Ding, Kai Ding, Yige Zhang and Chenyang Xu
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2020 17:30
  19. It is important to assess the temporal reproducibility of circulating cytokines for their utility in epidemiological studies. However, existing evidence is limited and inconsistent, especially for the elderly ...

    Authors: Jing Guo, Nicole Schupf, Richard P. Mayeux and Yian Gu
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2020 17:29
  20. The immune system undergoes a myriad of changes with age. While it is known that antibody-secreting plasma and long-lived memory B cells change with age, it remains unclear how the binding profile of the circu...

    Authors: Aaron Arvey, Michael Rowe, Joseph Barten Legutki, Gang An, Anantha Gollapudi, Anna Lei, Bill Colston, Chaim Putterman, David Smith, Janelle Stiles, Theodore Tarasow and Preveen Ramamoorthy
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2020 17:28
  21. Myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSCs) are a heterogeneous population of immunosuppressive cells developing from myeloid progenitors, which are enriched in pathological conditions such as cancer, and are kno...

    Authors: Sara Magri, Elena Masetto, Samantha Solito, Samuela Francescato, Elisa Belluzzi, Assunta Pozzuoli, Antonio Berizzi, Pietro Ruggieri and Susanna Mandruzzato
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2020 17:27

    The Correction to this article has been published in Immunity & Ageing 2020 17:39

  22. T cell discrimination of self and non-self is the foundation of the adaptive immune response, and is orchestrated by the interaction between T cell receptors (TCRs) and their cognate ligands presented by major...

    Authors: Chirag Krishna, Diego Chowell, Mithat Gönen, Yuval Elhanati and Timothy A. Chan
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2020 17:26
  23. Altered monocyte NF-κB signaling is a possible cause of inflammaging and driver of aging, however, evidence from human aging studies is sparse. We assessed monocyte NF-κB signaling across different aging traje...

    Authors: Juliette Tavenier, Line Jee Hartmann Rasmussen, Morten Baltzer Houlind, Aino Leegaard Andersen, Inge Panum, Ove Andersen, Janne Petersen, Anne Langkilde and Jan O. Nehlin
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2020 17:25
  24. Immunologic aging leads to immune dysfunction, significantly reducing the quality of life of the elderly. Aged-related defects in early hematopoiesis result in reduced lymphoid cell development, functionally d...

    Authors: Michelle L. Ratliff, Joshua Garton, Judith A. James and Carol F. Webb
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2020 17:24
  25. A central clinical question as the world deals with the COVID-19 pandemic is what the long-term sequelae for the millions of individuals will be who recover from the hyperinflammatory state characterizing COVI...

    Authors: Arsun Bektas, Shepherd H. Schurman, Claudio Franceschi and Luigi Ferrucci
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2020 17:23
  26. The SARS-CoV-2 infection has widely spread to become the greatest public health challenge to date, the COVID-19 pandemic. Different fatality rates among countries are probably due to non-standardized records b...

    Authors: Aurora Jurado, María C. Martín, Cristina Abad-Molina, Antonio Orduña, Alba Martínez, Esther Ocaña, Oscar Yarce, Ana M. Navas, Antonio Trujillo, Luis Fernández, Esther Vergara, Beatriz Rodríguez, Bibiana Quirant, Eva Martínez-Cáceres, Manuel Hernández, Janire Perurena-Prieto…
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2020 17:22
  27. With advancing age, the composition of leukocyte subpopulations in peripheral blood is known to change, but how this change differs between men and women and how it relates to frailty is poorly understood. Our...

    Authors: Leonard Daniël Samson, A. Mieke H. Boots, José A. Ferreira, H. Susan J. Picavet, Lia G. H. de Rond, Mary-lène de Zeeuw-Brouwer, W. M. Monique Verschuren, Anne-Marie Buisman and Peter Engelfriet
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2020 17:20
  28. There is increasing recognition of the significance of chronic, low-level inflammation in older adults, or “inflammaging.” Innate immune responses and host-bacterial interactions are recognized as key factors ...

    Authors: David C. LaFon, Steffen Thiel, Young-il Kim, Mark T. Dransfield and Moon H. Nahm
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2020 17:18

    The Correction to this article has been published in Immunity & Ageing 2021 18:32

  29. The standard frontline therapy for patients with diffuse large B cell lymphoma (DLBCL) is R-CHOP. However, patients older than 80 years are excluded from clinical trials. The importance of rituximab and anthra...

    Authors: Huai-Hsuan Huang, Bor-Sheng Ko, Ho-Min Chen, Li-Ju Chen, Chen-Yu Wang and Fei-Yuan Hsiao
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2020 17:17
  30. Cellular senescence is an essentially irreversible arrest of cell proliferation coupled to a complex senescence-associated secretory phenotype (SASP). The senescence arrest prevents the development of cancer, ...

    Authors: Abhijit Kale, Amit Sharma, Alexandra Stolzing, Pierre-Yves Desprez and Judith Campisi
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2020 17:16
  31. Obesity has been associated with chronic inflammation and oxidative stress. Both conditions play a determinant role in the pathogenesis of age-related diseases, such as immunosenescence. Adipose tissue can mod...

    Authors: Luca Pangrazzi, Erin Naismith, Carina Miggitsch, Jose’ Antonio Carmona Arana, Michael Keller, Beatrix Grubeck-Loebenstein and Birgit Weinberger
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2020 17:15
  32. While Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), is disrupting lives across the globe for everyone, it has a more devastating impact on the hea...

    Authors: Eladio J. Márquez, Jennifer Trowbridge, George A. Kuchel, Jacques Banchereau and Duygu Ucar
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2020 17:13
  33. Exercise can improve immune health and is beneficial for physical function in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), but the immunological mechanisms are largely unknown. We evaluated the effect of moderate-...

    Authors: Sofia E. M. Andersson, Elvira Lange, Daniel Kucharski, Sara Svedlund, Karin Önnheim, Maria Bergquist, Elisabet Josefsson, Janet M. Lord, Inga-Lill Mårtensson, Kaisa Mannerkorpi and Inger Gjertsson
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2020 17:12
  34. The human genome contains remnants of ancient retroviral infections called human endogenous retroviruses (HERV). Their expression is often observed in several diseases of autoimmune or inflammatory nature. How...

    Authors: Arttu Autio, Tapio Nevalainen, Binisha H. Mishra, Marja Jylhä, Heini Flinck and Mikko Hurme
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2020 17:11
  35. Despite widespread influenza vaccination programs, influenza remains a major cause of morbidity and mortality in older adults. Age-related changes in multiple aspects of the adaptive immune response to influen...

    Authors: Janet E. McElhaney, Chris P. Verschoor, Melissa K. Andrew, Laura Haynes, George A. Kuchel and Graham Pawelec
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2020 17:10
  36. Reduced response to hepatitis B vaccines is associated with aging, confounding and comorbid conditions, as well as inadvertent subcutaneous (SC) inoculation. We hypothesized that the antibody and T cell-mediat...

    Authors: Robert Edelman, Meagan E. Deming, Franklin R. Toapanta, Mark D. Heuser, Lisa Chrisley, Robin S. Barnes, Steven S. Wasserman, William C. Blackwelder, Barry S. Handwerger, Marcela Pasetti, Khan M. Siddiqui and Marcelo B. Sztein
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2020 17:9
  37. Obesity is a risk factor for several aging-related diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. Especially, cardiovascular disease is triggered by obesity by inducing vascular senescen...

    Authors: Lutz Hamann, Malgorzata Szwed, Malgorzata Mossakowska, Jerzy Chudek and Monika Puzianowska-Kuznicka
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2020 17:7
  38. “Inflammaging” is a coined term that combines the processes of inflammation (within the normal range) and aging, since chronic, low-grade, systemic inflammation emerges with increasing age. Unlike high-level i...

    Authors: Jessica Fischer, Didier Hans, Olivier Lamy, Pedro Marques-Vidal, Peter Vollenweider and Bérengère Aubry-Rozier
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2020 17:5
  39. End-stage renal disease is associated with premature ageing of the T cell immune system but inter-individual variation is substantial. The hypothesis was tested that advanced immunological T cell ageing assess...

    Authors: Michiel G. H. Betjes, Anton W. Langerak, Mariska Klepper and Nicolle H. R. Litjens
    Citation: Immunity & Ageing 2020 17:4

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